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the adorable cast of once upon a time at comic con 2014

pond challenge → round 10: ginger and raggedy


Poor Lizo.  He’s trying to wrap up his excellent Waters of Mars premiere interview with David Tennant and Russell T. Davies by saying a few words to the camera.

…but then he’s got these 2 goofballs behind him. 

I always wondered if the cameraman managed to keep a straight face while David and Russell were acting like naughty little children.  ʘ‿ʘ


ya know that spider? on that one bridge? that was always just a waste of time? yeah…. that one….


Emma Swan + Looking Down


"I want that space suit back in one piece"-Rose

Just re-watched the Impossible Planet/Satan Pitt .  These two are so ridiculously in love with each other that its going to break my heart (again) when I re-watch Doomsday.

Pitt pens & copics